About Fujiya Honten

Company Name Fujiyahonten Co.,Ltd.
Established November 1937
Incorporated April 1, 1957
Representative Hiroshi Tanigami
Capital Stock 45,000,000 yen (authorized capital 100,000,000 yen)
Business Wholesale of confectionaries, foodstuffs, beverages, etc.,
NS Brand (NS Group Product Development),
Development and online sales of health foods
Annual Sales 4,200,000,000 yen
Sales Area Domestic – Kinki Region (6 Prefectures)
International – Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Dubai, and more
Transaction Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Fukaebashi Branch, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Joto Branch, Resona Bank, Limited Namba Branch, Shoko Chukin Bank Senba Branch
Groups Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kinki Confectionery Wholesaler Association, NS Group, Seiwajuku (Osaka)
Headquarters 3-4-19 Nagata, Joto-ku, Osaka, JAPAN, 536-0022
TEL: 06-6967-0001
FAX: 06-6967-0005
E-mail: fujiya@fujiya-honten.co.jp
URL: http://www.fujiya-honten.co.jp/
Health Foods (Genki ni nare! E-commerce Department)
URL: http://www.genkini-nare.com/
Delivery Center Settsu Distribution Center: 1-9-5 torikaikami, Settsu, Osaka, JAPAN

Wholesale of confectioneries,
foodstuffs, beverages, etc.

●We handle a wide range of products from well-known national brands (NB) to local specialties from all over Japan.

●We carry out the development and wholesale of private brand (PB) products with high added-value.

●We deliver valuable and delicious products directly imported from overseas.

●With domestic retail as our core customers we cover a wide-range fields; prizes at amusement facilities, promotion products for corporate bodies, overseas exports, and so on.

●We deliver proposals that go beyond our customer’s expectations by using the NS Group’s information network which gives us information on all of the country’s confectioneries in an instant.

Private Brands

■Shizenmi Ryohin

A long selling brand that for over 30 years has not changed in taste or quality, sold at a flat rate of 100 yen since going on the market.


Delicate flavors you want to enjoy again and again in ample quantity. A safe brand manufactured domestically with a volume and quality sure to satisfy everyone.

■Domestic Private
 Brands (yume create)

We develop products based on 3 major concepts; ingredients, benefits, and popularity. This brand’s specialty is meeting the needs of the modern market.

■International Private

A worthwhile brand of carefully selected products that appeal to everyone’s tastes, quality, and quantity, all wrapped in an original design.

Product Planning and Management

●New product information

●Special even project proposals for the four seasons and national holidays

●Project proposals based on trends, and periods of peak popularity

●Proposals for nationwide top selling products

●Proposals and development of original products that meet our client’s needs

●Proposal and invention of “Fujiya Honten Recommended Products” that confectionery professionals wish to leave for future generations to eat and enjoy with peace of mind

Overseas Distribution

With Japan’s four seasons we have a great variety of confectioneries that are not often seen in other parts of the world.
We want to connect to the future with our wonderful confection culture.
Bringing MADE IN JAPAN to the world.

We sell Japanese confections all over the world popular for their delicate taste and beautiful design.
In order to meet the high demand of overseas customers looking for business opportunities involving new types of confectioneries, we take on the role of connecting the needs of overseas customers with excellent confectionery products made by various small Japanese businesses.

●Exporting countries: China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, Vietnam, Canada, Dubai

●Discovery and proposal of products that meet overseas customer’s needs

●Developing products based on the demand of customers overseas (OEM)

●Cultivation of new overseas clientele

  • - Exhibit preparation for overseas trade shows
  • - On-site overseas business meetings
  • - Business meetings held in Japan with various foreign buyers

E-Commerce Operations

Our goal is to naturally support your health within your daily life. You’ll feel a difference before you know it.

●Online sales of health foods (GENKI NI NARE! Sugina (field horsetail) / Natamame (sword bean) / Heme Iron Jelly / Fermented Black Garlic)

  • - Home page sales
  • - Marketing through newspaper and magazine advertisements

●Consignment sales of Heme Iron Jelly through medical offices and clinics

●New product development

●Heme Iron Jelly product display booth for the Society of Ambulatory and General Pediatrics of Japan business exhibition